Design Creation

PCB Design Creation

Define, verify and communicate design intent throughout the PCB design flow

Xpedition® Enterprise design creation tools help engineers capture schematics, integrate ICs onto the PCB, and communicate electrical and physical rules to all design teams:


FPGA integration reduces design cycles, improving performance and manufacturing
Constraint editor manages electrical and physical requirements
Complete design creation and definition with schematics and HDL
Full integration with layout environment





Schematic Design

Comprehensive concurrent circuit design and managemen. More >>

FPGA I/O Designer

Optimizes I/O on the FPGA for the PCB, and automates symbol creation. More >>

Constraint Management

Convey design intent through electrical and physical constraints in a common environment. More >>

I/O Optimizer

Reduce time-to-market and manufacturing costs of PCB systems. More >>

Multi-board Systems Design

Fully integrated and automated collaborative environment to design multi-board systems. More >>