CAMCAD Professional


The CAMCAD manufacturing flow creates a correct, complete, and intelligent product description for use in PCB manufacturing.

This flow spans the product lifecycle, enables collaborative communication, streamlines process development, and supports manufacturing initiatives, all of which improve our customers' profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Flow enables 'Design Anywhere, Build Anywhere'
  • Provides a seamless transition from Design to Manufacturing
  • Creates knowledge feedback path from Manufacturing to Design
  • Eliminates duplicate efforts

Data Preparation : By providing an optimized framework, CAMCAD Data Suite & CAMCAD Professional create a complete, PCB-manufacturing-focused description of the product along with repeatable business processes.

Design for Testability : Determine not only if a PCB meets the users ideal guidelines but also evaluate the consequences in the area whre guidelines are not met. Save considerable time and mistakes by automatically applying offsets to access points on the board using CAMCAD Test Suite.

Design for Manufacturability : Can I build it? Can I test it? Can I repair it? Can I share it? Answer these questions with eSight DFM, a series of DFM functions for Design, Manufacture and Test environements.

Manufacturing & Design Viewing : Enterprise-wide viewing and can provide cost savings and decreased time to market. visECAD visualization tool enables collaboration and can facilitate communication with the goal of eliminating costly design oversights. It gives managers and shop floor employees alike access to the most up-to-date design specifications.

CAMCAD Datasheet