Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

Product Lifecycle Management Solutions


Omnify Software is a leading provider of business-ready, product lifecycle and change management solutions designed to meet the needs of manufacturers in the electronics, mechanical, medical and defense industries.


Omnify Software provides you with a single, secure location to manage all of the essential information for phases of your product's life span (concept, development, production, support, end-of-life).

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Why Omnify?

  • Manage your complete product record
  • Flexible deployment options (On-premises/Cloud/Hybrid)
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal IT maintenance
  • Open integration to existing systems
  • Affordable/Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)



Complete Product Data Management

Omnify PLM provides a complete data management system that allows users to assign all data necessary to describe design, manufacturing, purchasing, quality/test, and service aspects of product records.

The core building block of the Omnify PLM system is the Item Master. The Item Master can represent any product object (parts/components, documents, Bill of Material [BOM], Software Components, Machines/Instruments, etc).

Omnify manages all revisions of the Item Master and provides a complete audit trail detailing all historical changes.

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Bill of Material (BOM) Management

Omnify PLM provides full Bill of Material management functionality including:

  • Complete BOM revision control and audit trail
  • Structured Change/ECO management process to control BOM changes

  • Comprehensive importing/exporting/reporting
  • BOM Routing Management

  • Complete BOM hierarchy viewing
  • Direct integration with ERP system for automated BOM uploads/updates

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Change/ECO Management

Omnify PLM Change/ECO management provides:

  • Full data redlining (BOMs, Documents, Suppliers, Status, Parameters, etc.)
  • Automatic redline/change creation upon BOM import

  • Automated workflow processing
  • Parallel/concurrent changes for affected items

  • Customizable Change/ECO classification (ECR, ECO, ECN, MCO, Deviations, etc.) and rules

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Document Management

Omnify PLM provides a complete document management system:

  • Vaulting/revision control with check-in/check-out features
  • Document associations to any Omnify object (Items, BOMs, Changes/ECOs, Projects, Quality, Training, etc.)

  • User privileges for viewing and editing
  • Multi-site, synchronized vault locations

  • Optional integration with other document control systems

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Quality/CAPA Management

The Omnify PLM Quality Management module is integrated with all product data stored in Omnify, offering a unified location to manage product and quality data. It is a closed-loop Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) system that provides users with the ability to capture and route (for resolution) any product defects and issues.

The Quality Management module consists of forms, reports, and alerts to classify and analyze product problems. Quality forms can be created and classified to represent any type of problem, such as: Corrective Actions (CAR), Preventive Actions (PAR), Supplier Corrective Actions (SCAR), Non-Conforming Materials Report (NCMR), and Customer Complaints.

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Project Management

The Omnify PLM Project Management module is integrated with all product data stored in Omnify to centralize product and project data.

The Omnify Project Management module provides a facility to:

  • Capture and track critical project data (schedules, tasks, resources, deliverables, etc.)
  • Integrate and associate project and product data
  • Report and analyze projects (trend analysis, resource allocation, schedule predictions)

  • Automate task status and progress

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Training Management

The Omnify Training Management module provides an automated system to manage all internal and external training events. The Training Management module helps customers manage training requirements by:

  • Tracking and documenting all internal and external training records
  • Identifying affected users and customers

  • Automatically alerting trainees for training/re-training
  • Assigning comprehension exams to gauge understanding

  • Automating training setup on policy, product, document changes
  • Identifying recurring training/test/calibration events

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Help Desk Management

The Omnify HelpDesk module provides a communication portal to capture the "human element" of product development, decisions, and issues. It provides users with the ability to:

  • Capture discussion/dialog/blogging trail around any Omnify object
  • Create, assign, and route issues/tickets to appropriate personnel

  • Define solutions and build a knowledge base for common issues
  • Collect customer feedback and associate feedback with product records

  • Leverage a web portal for communicating and collaborating with "Omnify" and "Non-Omnify" users (Contractors, Customers, Suppliers, etc.)

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Compliance Management

Omnify PLM provides you with the necessary technology to meet the needs of:

Environmental/Recycling-based Initiatives:

  • RoHS, WEEE, China/Korea/Japan RoHS, REACH, etc. directives
  • IMDS, IPC-1752, JIG, etc. data standards


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations:

  • 21 CFR - Part 11
  • 21 CFR - Part 820

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Omnify Integration Platform

The Omnify technology architecture was created to be open and flexible enough to securely and reliably share information with Engineering and Enterprise systems. Our open architecture platform allows customers to leverage their investment in existing business and engineering systems and deploy the Omnify system without interrupting their current processes.


Omnify offers out-of-the-box, bi-directional integration with systems such as:

  • ERP and MRP
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Mechanical CAD (MCAD)
  • Electrical CAD (ECAD/CAE)
  • Content Providers (Part Information)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

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