Centralized Environment to Manage All Product Data

Today's accelerated pace of product development, product and supplier dynamics, andmanufacturing and engineering outsourcing make it more and more difficult to meet product launch goals on time and under budget.

Simple communication issues can cost valuable time and cause unwanted scrap on the production floor. By providing a single place to manage product data, Omnify Software eliminates these issues by streamlining the flow of information among:

  • Engineering
  • Documentation Control
  • Quality/Test
  • Manufacturing
  • Management
  • Outsourcing Partners

Omnify Software supplies a single, secure location to manage all of the essential information for designing, manufacturing and supporting your products and enhances visibility into all aspects of product development with features such as:

  • Product Data Management
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Management
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality/CAPA Management
  • Training Requirements Management
  • Compliance Management

The Omnify PLM system is designed to manage all product content information such as:

  • Item Record Data: Part Numbers, Descriptions, Attributes, etc.
  • Revisions: Complete Item, BOM, Document Revision Management
  • Bill of Materials: Revisions, Hierarchy/Relationships
  • Documents: Design/Manufacturing Files, Datasheets, etc.
  • Changes/ECOs: Structured/Automated Changes (ECRs, ECOs, ECNs)
  • Project Data: Schedules, Timelines, Resources, Deliverables
  • Quality: CARs, PARs, Defects, Customer Complaints, etc.
  • Training Records: Training Events, Dates, Users, Documents, Signoffs

Flexible and Secure Environment

Omnify allows companies to apply their own business processes, data management rules, and workflows to define how product records are to be managed and controlled.

User Permissions allow companies to define who can access the system, control specific data sets, and define which functions will be available to users.

Benefits of Omnify PLM Software

  • Improve data integrity by leveraging a single database to store and reference all product related information
  • Ensure data accuracy across the enterprise with real-time access to the current product definition by all members of your design and supply chain
  • Improve product quality with a closed-loop system to capture, route, and resolve product defects, issues, and complaints
  • Eliminate the confusion of when, how, why, and by whom a change was made
  • Keep your Contract Manufacturing and Engineering partners up to date on changes with secure access to the Omnify database for internal and external teams
  • Improve component/part selection decisions made by engineering
  • Decrease your product cost and development time
  • Shorten your Change/ECO cycle
    and More!

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Omnify PLM solution. Attend a free web demo or Download the Omnify PLM Product Brochure