Data Management

Manage All Product Data Records

Omnify PLM provides a complete data management system that allows users to assign all datanecessary to describe design, manufacturing, purchasing, quality/test, and service aspects of product records.

The core building block of the Omnify PLM system is the Item Master. The Item Master can represent any product object (parts/components, documents, Bill of Material [BOM], Software Components, Machines/Instruments, etc).

Omnify PLM manages all revisions of the Item Master and provides a complete audit trail detailing all historical changes. Examples of data managed on the Item Master include:

  • Part Numbers, Descriptions, Status, Class Codes
  • Unlimited parameters: costs, behavioral characteristics, physical characteristics, etc.
  • Documents: design documents, datasheets, quotes, compliance statements, etc.
  • Vendors: manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, etc.
  • Service Records: serial/lot numbers, customers, etc.

Benefits of Data Management

  • Single system to manage all necessary product data records
  • Centralized product management for all groups; Engineering, Operations, Manufacturing, Quality
  • Complete revision control and change traceability
  • Engineering Integration Platform provides component data directly to CAD and CAE tools
  • Enterprise Integration Platform provides data sharing with business systems such as ERP, MRP, and CRM
  • Offers Materials Management multiple cost models to perform what/if analysis on the cost of future production
  • Enables Procurement to easily manage multiple vendors for a part and identify the vendor of choice, and manage multiple costs
  • Automates New Part Request (NPR) processes through workflow assignments and email alerts

Download the Omnify PLM Product Brochure