Change/ECO Management

Automate Formal Changes (ECRs, ECOs, ECNs, Deviations, etc.)

For product manufacturers, managing change is central to creating a successful product and company. Many argue that it is not problems in functionality or implementation that keep them from meeting schedules, it is the challenge of keeping all players on new product development teams in sync on the current state of the product definition.

During product development, change is the only constant. Many times, multiple product document "kits" (BOMs, documentation, etc.) are sent to manufacturing groups, resulting in inconsistency and confusion- which one is correct, what are the differences from one to the next, why, when and by whom were changes made and approved?


The change management challenge does not stop when the design is in volume production. Suppliers change and have different process requirements, components become obsolete (End Of Life), software is updated, manuals are updated-the changes are continuous. Managing the change process within Omnify helps manufacturers develop a simplified engineering change process and eliminate these challenges.

Omnify PLM Change/ECO management provides:

  • Full data redlining (BOMs, Documents, Suppliers, Status, Parameters, etc.)
  • Automatic redline/change creation upon BOM import
  • Automated workflow processing
  • Parallel/concurrent changes for affected items
  • Customizable Change/ECO classification (ECR, ECO, ECN, MCO, Deviations, etc.) and rules

Benefits of Change/ECO Management

  • Eliminate manual Change creation
  • Reduce cycle time – parallel and serial workflow processing
  • Automatic user signoff email alerts
  • Automatic data update/creation upon release
  • Full audit trail for changes


Download the Omnify Change/ECO Management brochure