Project Management

Centralize Product and Project Data

Tracking resources, schedules, deliverables, and tasks is critical to meet time-to-market, customer,and/or management deadlines.

Associating project information with product records not only allows deadlines and tasks to be visible to all groups involved in product development, but it also provides an analysis and trend recognition facility to correct and improve product development cycles.

The Omnify PLM Project Management module is integrated with all product data stored in Omnify to centralize product and project data. The Omnify Project Management module provides a facility to:

  • Capture and track critical project data (schedules, tasks, resources, deliverables, etc.)
  • Integrate and associate project and product data
  • Report and analyze projects (trend analysis, resource allocation, schedule predictions)
  • Automate task status and progress

Benefits of Project Management

  • Centralized product and project/program data
  • Greater visibility of project/product progress across all development groups
  • Automated alerts - guide users to critical tasks
  • Accurate prediction of product completion/delivery
  • Improved resource usage/allocation
  • Trend analysis - identify problem areas, shorten development cycles

Download the Omnify PLM Project Management Datasheet