Training Classes

Training Classes

InnoFour offers a wide range of onsite classes and Web-based events designed to help you apply our products to meet your specific needs. Our experienced instructors apply hands-on techniques that improve learning retention and on-the-job productivity.


The Power of Knowledge

As technologies rapidly evolve, disparities emerge between the core knowledge provided by an academic education and the technical competencies required for today’s designs.


To remain successful, training is essential. This is why InnoFours offers a full range of learning solutions developed specifically for electronics designers and engineers.


Learn Best Practices from Industry Experts

Changes in market dynamics and technologies make it increasingly difficult to learn new design processes fast enough to achieve productivity goals. This puts you under incredible pressure to learn how to shorten design cycles and reduce time-to-market.


Our courses teach best-in-class Electronic & Mechanical design processes based on decades of design experience by our team of highly qualified industry experts. They understand the challenges faced by today’s designers because they have electronic and mechanical design experience themselves.



Training Classes

Basic SI using PADS HyperLynx

The HyperLynx® Introduction for PADS course provides PADS Professional or PADS Standard Plus users an introduction into High Speed (Signal Integrity) design with the tools available today. Also HyperLynx interfaces with xDx Designer and PADS Layout will be shown.  more info »
date: 5th Oct / 7th Oct 2020
duration: 3 days
location: Almelo
price: EUR 650


CES Fundamentals Tips & Tricks

The CES Fundamentals, Tips & Tricks course was developed to provide a practical guideline through the constrained process of your design. The fundamental part explains the usage of CES and principles in the Expedition Flow.  more info »
date: 1st October 2020
duration: 1 day
location: Almelo
price: EUR 650


xDX Designer Schematic Entry

Improve your knowledge and skills with Design Definition, using the xDx Designer tools suite. You will be trained to be more productive with your current flow, whether this is PADS Standard/Plus, PADS Professional or Xpedition Enterprise. Or even if you are using the xDx Designer tool suite in conjunction with another PCB design solutions.  more info »
date: 12th Oct / 13th Oct 2020
duration: 2 days
location: Almelo
price: EUR 1300


Xpedition xPCB Layout Introduction

Xpedition® xPCB Layout Introduction presents the workflow and methods of laying out a printed circuit board using the latest version of Mentor Graphics Xpedition xPCB Layout.  more info »
date: 19th Oct / 22nd Oct 2020
duration: 4 days
location: Almelo
price: EUR 2600