Consulting Services

InnoFour Consulting Services


InnoFour can help you to face the challenges (read more) that are caused by the continuously changing electronic design and industrial automation industries. InnoFour is offering services to all engineers, group/project leaders, managers and executives who know or expect that the development of their electronic or industrial products can be improved. This is done by offering services aimed at optimizing your design environment in order to achieve your company goals. These services come in the form of advice, consultancy and custom projects that can be either done on- or off-site. Our consultancy activities are aimed at the electronic development and industrial automation industries.

InnoFour offers advice resulting in a set of recommendations in the following areas:

  • EDA and CAE Flow audits
  • Advise about EDA or CAE system integration
  • Data Management audits

Our consultants can help designers use their design tools in an optimal way in order to gain greater productivity:

  • FPGA I/O Design
  • EDA Tool expertise
  • Interim EDA or CAE related Project Support
  • EDA Tool Training and workshops
  • Getting (quick-) started with your EDA environment
  • Interim Project Management
    • EDA migration projects
    • Projects with strong dependancies on the EDA/CAE environment
    • EDA/CAE Software development projects

Furthermore InnoFour can help your organization achieving an optimal design environment through:

  • Tool modifications and scripting
  • Design flow configurations
  • EDA Library Management
    • New library setup and structuring
    • Existing library migrations
    • Internal design flow documentation
    • EDA or CAE tools and integration
    • Design Processes or methodologies
    • Demos, Presentations, AVI's, Training
    • EDA Design migrations

InnoFour can be your partner in facing the challenges that electronic design brings today read more >