DownStream Technologies - CAM350 Streams Rule Checking

CAM350 Streams Rule Checking

Streams Rule Checking is designed to streamline the setup, execution, and verification of design analysis in CAM350. For further details on Streams RC, please read below, view the Streams online demo, or read the Streams Instructional Guide.


CAM350 Streams RC has been enhanced to now include paste mask analysis. This allows designs to be checked during design stage for proper inclusion and sizing of paste masks. The analysis includes checks for missing, extra, and improperly sized Paste Masks. The following checks are available for the Paste Mask layer type:

  • Paste Mask on Through-hole Pads,
  • Missing Paste Mask on SMD parts,
  • Paste Mask with no Solder Mask opening
  • Paste Mask to Copper annular ring check.


Analyzing Gerber Layers in CAM systems often requires difficult setup and verification. Typical CAM software products force you to repeat the setup for each new design that is produced. You may have to run each type of analysis individually - a time consuming task. No distinction is made on a single design for differing technologies, no allowances for different requirements in predefined areas. Analysis often require you to view each individual error, and there is no method of viewing multiple errors... UNTIL NOW...




Run Design Rule (DRC), Design for Manufacturing (DFF, DFM) and Netlist Comparison together in one checklist. Create, save, and recall multiple "Streams" based on design technology, and/or manufacturing capabilities. Run differing analysis on High Technology areas such as BGA or Wire Bond, and run standard analysis on the rest of the design, all from one "Stream".


You can define as many analysis areas as desired. Errors can be quickly verified by charting the results. You are no longer required to view each individual error. Charting of results allow you to quickly determine what, if any, changes need to be made to the design database. Users of Mentor PADS Layout or Cadence Allegro can then crossprobe the results back into the design database, repair the original (or actual) design rather than the Gerber layers. This allows you to maintain database integrity, instead of depending on Fabrication to fix any issues found.





Streams Rule Checking Functionality

Streams Rule Check allows users to:

  • create one set-up for DRC, DFF and Netlist Comparison
  • save multiple "streams" based on technology, manufacturing capabilities or customer requirements to be used on future designs
  • execute separate analysis on discrete areas or different layers of the design
  • view errors individually or in groups



CAM350 Streams Rule Check - an entirely new method of performing PCB design analysis. With Stream Rules Check you can set-up once and check Design Rules, Design for Manufacturing, and Netlist Comparison simultaneously - saving time, increasing productivity, and ensuring product success!