Jim Martens Blog: PADS Tips & Tricks - March 2012

Jim Martens Blog: PADS Tips & Tricks 

March 2012 - Great things in small packages


I visit many customers throughout the year, and read press releases from many of them.  I’ve seen some of the largest, toughest designs completed with PADS.  But sometime I see great designs that are small.  One of the constant business drivers for many customers is miniaturization – getting the same, or usually more functionality in a small size.


One such design that came across my desk recently came from RTX in Denmark, which recently designed the world’s smallest Wi-Fi device with PADS software.  See the press release at http://elek-data.dk/artikler/rtx-klar-med-ultrakompakt-wifi-modul.


Designing tough, large design with complex high-speed constraints requires specific features from your design tools, so does designing smaller designs where space is at a premium.


To learn more on how PADS can help you with all of your design challenges, check out our PADS 9.4 Evaluation at http://www.mentor.com/products/pcb-system-design/design-flows/pads/.


If you’ve designed a unique product with PADS, please share with us. Post a link to information about it here!




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