BluePrint Adaptive Templates

Adaptive Templates

BluePrint-PCB New v3.2 Functionality


Adaptive Templates™ in BluePrint-PCB provide a new methodology for retaining custom modifications to expanded table templates. Users can expand table templates, such as Drill Charts and Parts List tables, modify the expanded table and then have those modifications retained on successive CAD Data import for ECO revisions. This article discusses BluePrint-PCB templates and the new functionality called Adaptive Templates™ that provides a unique solution for capturing and maintaining custom edits for BluePrint-PCB templates.


Adaptive Template: Drill Chart with Inserted Feature Control Frames and Note References


Templates in BluePrint-PCB

BluePrint-PCB Templates are table or graphic pattern definitions that are used to display CAD data in PCB documentation, also known as a Release Package. The Release Package can include Fabrication Drawings and Assembly Drawings. Examples of Templates in BluePrint-PCB include Drill Charts and Parts List tables. Users can define a generic table design with headers and data columns using Templates that are independent of the content of a PCB CAD design. Templates are expanded with PCB CAD data by placing the CAD data in the so-called repeatable rows of Templates. Templates are automatically updated or refreshed with new CAD data each time successive revisions of CAD data are imported into a BluePrint-PCB Release Package. Templates thus provide synchronized views into the current CAD data that is imported into the BluePrint-PCB.


Modifying Expanded Templates and ECO Revisions

Expanded templates can be modified or customized by users after CAD data is expanded in the repeatable rows. The expanded tables are similar to tables in any word processing application. Users can add or delete rows. Users can change row width or height. Users can add text or drawing elements (graphics) to table cells. Users can insert references (hyperlinks) to other objects; references include URL’s or note references. Essentially, users can modify the expanded table to look in any manner desired.


Adaptive Template: Parts List Table with Inserted Note References and Added Rows


The problem exists for normal BluePrint-PCB templates that any and all of the above custom edits will be lost when users update the CAD Data in the Release Package by reimporting the CAD Data for an ECO revision. For example, any text updates, inserted Feature Control Frames or inserted Note References will be lost on the CAD Data import of ECO revisions. All manual edits must to be re-entered to restore the desired customization each time the CAD data is imported and the template is refreshed.


Adaptive Templates™ Provide the Solution

Adaptive Templates™ provide a solution to retaining the customization of the expanded templates. When Adaptive Templates™ are enabled, all custom edits are highlighted for the user. Further, when an Adaptive Template™ is edited, the custom edits are visibility retained. Finally, and most importantly, when an expanded Adaptive Template is refreshed with new CAD data or re-executed, all the custom edits are retained. Adaptive Templates™ provide a ready means for users to make manual edits to their CAD data tables (such as Drill Charts and Parts List tables) and have those custom edits retained without further worry on reimport of CAD Data for ECO revisions.