Pyxis Schematic

Pyxis Schematic

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Pyxis Schematic, part of Mentor's new Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, provides a powerful and easy-to-use design entry environment with advanced capabilities that boost designer productivity.


Pyxis Schematic shortens design cycles by creating a highly productive unified environment for design capture, simulation setup, verification and analysis. The seamless integration to Mentor’s industry leading analog/analog mixed-signal simulation and verification environments including Eldo® Classic, Eldo Premier, ADiT™ and Questa® ADMS, allows designers to prove Custom IC Designs quickly and accurately.


Pyxis Schematic interacts seamlessly with other solutions in the Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform to create, develop, simulate, verify, optimize and implement even the most challenging full custom analog and mixed-signal IC designs quickly and accurately—the first time. As a designer, you enjoy a consistent look and feel in single environment, whether creating schematics, block diagrams, symbols, or HDL representations. Additionally, Mentor’s foundry partners provide certified design kits for use with Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Single application provides design capture, simulation control, and results viewing for analog, RF, and mixed-signal designs.
  • Specialized schematic constructs that are tailored to IC design increase design capture efficiency.
  • Enables engineers to conduct faster and more accurate mixed signal IC verification.
  • Integrated with Pyxis Custom IC Design Platform, providing a unified capture, implementation and layout automation flow.


Pyxis Schematic Datasheet