Design Kits

A Complete, Integrated IC Design Environment

To help companies jump-start their design cycles and cut time-to-market, Mentor Graphics and its foundry partners have developed IC design kits, which include all the foundry-specific data files and models for use with the Mentor Graphics front- and back-end IC design tools. Available from major foundries, these kits enable the entire design workflow to be supported by foundry-specific processes


The design kits contain customizable, easily expandable building blocks for schematic capture, simulation, physical layout, and verification, which allow you to create a complete, integrated IC design environment that’s tailored to the foundry process technology for your design.


PDK Components

  • Pre-configured symbols for schematic capture, with predefined properties for Eldo simulation, schematic-driven layout with IC Station®, and Calibre LVS
  • Pre-configured process definition file for IC layout
  • Foundry-supported Calibre® DRC and LVS rule files
  • Foundry-supported Eldo® models
  • Pre-configured netlist configuration file
  • Programmable device generators for each component that produce correct-by-construction layouts in IC Station directly from schematic symbols
  • Userware to customize the library palettes listing the available componen


PDK Benefits

  • Ensures manufacturing success
  • Speeds the setup of complete schematic and layout design environments
  • Reduces costly rework cycles due to DRC/LVS errors with correct-by-construction device generators
  • Eliminates expensive mistakes due to inaccurate simulation models
  • Available at no cost to customers


PDK Documentation

  • Release_notes: Unique requirements for the PDK and revision history. This file documents which specific Eldo models and DRC/LVS files were used to validate the design kit.
  • Installation_Guide: Brief description of PDK contents and installation procedure.
  • Library_Specification.pdf: List of Components included in the PDK describing the menu name and associated model names and properties.
  • Users_Guide.pdf: Users guide and tutorial.


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