ADiT is the tool of choice to address the challenges associated with simulating today’s complex analog and mixed signal circuit designs.

ADiT is a fast-SPICE simulation tool that delivers the ability to obtain accurate and reliable simulation results 10X – 100X faster than traditional SPICE tools. ADiT is integrated into the Questa ADMS mixed-signal simulation solution and supports both Eldo and HSPICE netlist formats.

Features and Benefits

  • Simulates wide range of complicated analog and mixed-signal circuits (PLL, ADC, DAC, Switch-cap, LNA, DC-DC, SMPS, SERDES, etc) 10x – 100x faster than SPICE
  • ADiT delivers good results out-of the-box without time-consuming option tuning
  • Improves productivity for mixed signal applications
  • Seamless mixed-signal SoC verification through integration with Questa ADMS mixed signal simulator
  • Smart partitioning algorithm
  • 3% accuracy of results by integrating SPICE and Fast-SPICE engines
  • Output Format: JWDB (.wdb) wave format, FSDB (.fsdb) wave format
  • Works with existing Eldo and Star-HSPICE netlists with Verilog-A, DSPF, SPF, vector inputs, etc.
  • Integration into the Cadence™ Virtuoso® custom design platform allows easy usage of ADiT in all design stages
  • Comprehensive post-processing analysis with EZwave™, Mentor’s high-capacity high-performance AMS waveform analyzer
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • RC reduction via Ticer algorithm
  • Simulation of post-layout backannotated circuits
  • Built-in SPICE solver
  • Default table-look up modeling with an equation-based device modeling option

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