PSL - Assertion Based Verification with Questa


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PSL: Assertion Based Verification with Questa

Duration: 2 Days
Course Part Number: 220913

This class introduces you to the concept of Assertion Based Verification (ABV), and gives you the tools to start using the techniques in your design and verification tasks. The class introduces the PSL language, Accellera Version 1.1, so that you can write the properties and assertions for your code, and also considers simulating with the assertions using Questa and its assertion capabilities. It shows how Questa's assertion capabilities combine with its other aspects to help you debug your design efficiently. You will also be introduced to the Assertion Thread Viewer, and its use in debugging assertion issues

The course explores Functional Coverage: what it is, why it is needed, and how the PSL cover directive can be used when measuring it. This will be shown practically using the Functional Coverage capabilities in Questa. The changes made in the language with the IEEE 1850 release are briefly reviewed.

The Hands-on labs will reinforce the lectures, providing you with the chance to specify 'real' properties in PSL, and experience using the tool to simulate what you have written, under the guidance of our expert instructors.

You will learn how to

  • Apply the process of assertion based verification.
  • Use the PSL Language including:
    • PSL Layers
    • PSL Flavors
    • Boolean Expressions and operators
    • Sequences (SEREs) and operators
    • Properties, and property operators
    • Directives
    • V units
    • Some Coding Guidelines
  • Compile PSL in Questa
  • Simulate with PSL in Questa including:
    • Use of the Assertion Window
  • Use of the Assertion Thread Viewer
    • Assertion Commands
    • Debugging with assertions, using other Questa Windows.
  • Measure Functional Coverage:
    • The PSL Cover Directive
    • Questa Functional Coverage Windows and commands

Hands-On Labs
Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience in using PSL within Questa under the guidance of our expert instructors. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Write assertions to verify basic operation of a design.
  • Use Questa to simulate and debug the assertions written in the previous lab

  • Write and debug more complex assertions, and use them to verify a design
  • Identify cover points, instrument a design for coverage and simulate it.

Intended for

  • Verification Engineers
  • FPGA and ASIC Designers
  • System Designers who wish to use PSL Assertions as part of their specification of lower level functionality


  • Basic knowledge of FPGA/ASIC design techniques and procedures
  • Basic knowledge of VHDL or Verilog
  • Experience using the Questa simulator for traditional HDL dynamic simulation.


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