PADS Layout for an Integrated/Netlist Flow


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PADS Layout for an Integrated/Netlist Flow

Duration: 2 Days
Course Part Number: 213142

This course will teach you the workflow of laying out a printed circuit board using the latest version of Mentor Graphics PADS Layout. You will be guided through the steps necessary to design a printed circuit board. Course highlights include creating physical components, importing netlists, adding/updating parts, routing connections, generating reports and Gerber information.

Detailed lab exercises help reinforce what is discussed during the lectures and provide you with extensive tool usage experience under the guidance of our industry expert instructors.

You will learn how to

  • Customize and work with the PADS Layout interface
  • Create Board Outlines, Keepouts, and 2D Line items
  • Create Parts Types, PCB Decals, and Pad Stacks Import netlists, define the board stackup, and set design rules
  • Place parts manually and use cross-probing capabilities
  • Route a design using manual/interactive routing and editing tools
  • Create copper shapes and plane areas
  • Verify the design
  • Generate Gerber Data
  • Work with ECO files

Hands-On Labs
Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using the PADS Layout software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Navigating the User Interface
  • Creating and Modifying Drafting Items
  • Creating Libraries and Library Objects
  • Importing netlists
  • Defining the Layer Stackup
  • Setting Design Rules
  • Placing Parts
  • Routing a Design
  • Creating Copper and Split Plane areas
  • Clearance and Connectivity Verification
  • Using ECO Commands
  • Generating CAM Documents

Intended for

  • PCB Designers new to PADS Layout
  • Electronic Engineers that need to understand the back end of the design process using PADS Layout


  • A basic understanding of the PCB design process
  • Familiarity with Windows operating systems



Student workbook table of contents

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