Constraint Manager for xPCB Layout


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Constraint Manager for xPCB Layout

Duration: 2 Days
Course Part Number: 262210

This course covers all the necessary skills required to use Constraint Manager efficiently and effectively in xDX Designer –Xpedition xPCB Layout flow.


Constraint Manager for xPCB Layout will help you gain the ability to define and refine design constraints in a common environment that is accessible from many Mentor Graphics front-end and back-end design systems. This course covers all the necessary skills required to use Constraint Manager efficiently and effectively in xDX Designer –Xpedition xPCB Layout flow. Hands-on lab exercises will reinforce lecture and discussion topics under the guidance of our industry expert instructors. This course is offered on Windows platforms.

You will learn how to

  • Define the main concepts and constraints hierarchy of CM
  • Enable CM as a constraint system in xDX Designer – xPCB Layout flow
  • Find and filter data in the design database
  • Navigate and manipulate the constraints hierarchy
  • Use the spreadsheets, toolbars, preferences, and options efficiently
  • Reuse already defined constraints in other designs using constraint templates
  • Partition the design data using net classes, constraint classes, and schemes
  • Set up mechanical constraints such as trace widths, via assignments, and clearances
  • Assign physical high-speed constraints including minimum and maximum delays, matched delays, delay formulas, custom and complex topologies, differential pairs, and parallelism rules to nets or group of nets
  • Auto-route the constrained nets and evaluate the routing results
  • Manage constraints in CM for different user groups
  • Set up design and display configuration and preferences
  • Run CES diagnostics for consistency and integrity of constraint data

Hands-On Labs

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using Constraint Manager software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Overview of the software

  • User Interface

    • Using the CES browser and the spreadsheets

    • Editing data in spreadsheets

    • Interfacing with the PCB data

  • CM in design flow and Setting up Mechanical Constraints

    • Using CM from front-end and back-end

    • Creating and populating net classes

    • Setting up trace and via properties

  • Setting up Mechanical Constraints

    • Setting up clearance rules

    • Setting up package clearances

  • Setting up Mechanical Constraints

    • Setting up schemes

    • Rules areas in xPCB Layout

  • Net properties and Constraint classes

    • Setting up and populating constraint classes

    • Setting up net properties and topologies

    • Electrical nets generation

  • Differential Pairs and constraint templates

    • Setting up differential pairs

    • Differential Impedance

    • Routing differential pairs in xPCB Layout

    • Creating and applying constraint templates

  • Length and Delay Constraints

    • Creating matched delay constraints

    • Setting up delay formula constraints

    • Routing the nets with delay constraints

  • Parallelism and Crosstalk

    • Setting up parallelism rules

    • Routing with parallelism rules

Intended for

  • PCB Design Engineers
  • PCB layout personnel
  • Signal Integrity Engineers
  • Design managers
  • Project Managers


  • Familiarity with concepts of PCB design and technology
  • Familiarity with Windows operating systems



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