Xpedition xPCB Layout Introduction


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Xpedition xPCB Layout Introduction

Duration: 4 days
Course Part Number: 262147 

Course Overview
Xpedition® xPCB Layout Introduction presents the workflow and methods of laying out a printed circuit board using the latest version of Mentor Graphics Xpedition xPCB Layout

From fundamental library concepts, to the PCB editor environment and the PCB layout process, you will gain hands-on experience in integrating a source schematic, placing and routing the board, and outputting the fabrication data.

You will learn how to

  • Create Padstacks, cell (footprint) and part (PDB) definitions, and build intelligence into components
  • Create a layout template
  • Start a PCB layout by integrating with a schematic design
  • Define board geometry
  • Place parts, swap pins & gates and back annotate
  • Verify the Layout with on-line and batch Design Rule Checking
  • Utilize Constraint Manager to define layout and routing constraints
  • Route, using both manual/interactive and automatic tools
  • Add test points
  • Generate plane data
  • Finalize the silkscreen
  • Generate Gerber data
  • Generate drill data
  • Dimension and document the layout

Hands-On Labs

Throughout this course, extensive hands-on lab exercises provide you with practical experience using Expedition PCB software. Hands-on lab topics include:

  • Creating padstacks, cells, parts, and layout templates
  • PCB editor overview
  • Starting a PCB layout
  • Defining board geometry
  • Component explorer
  • Creating planning groups
  • Placing parts and planning groups
  • Defining constraints in Constraint Manager
  • Verifying the layout
  • Net explorer
  • Interactive routing
  • Sketch and hug routing
  • Tuning
  • Adding test points
  • Generating planes
  • Finalizing the silkscreen
  • Generating Gerber data
  • Generating Drill data
  • Dimensioning the design
  • Creating drawings

Intended for

  • PCB Designers new to Xpedition PCB
  • Electronic Engineers that need to understand the back end of the design process using Xpedition PCB
  • CAD managers and administrators that need to understand the Xpedition PCB layout process and data


  • Familiarity with concepts of PCB technology
  • Familiarity with Windows/Linux operating system
  • Schematic Capture knowledge preferred


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