Metrics in SoC Verification

Metrics in SoC Verification

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What gets measured get done, improved and managed. This statement made by Peter Brucker, hold very much for SoC verification. The “Metrics in SoC Verification”  module  in Mentor Graphics’ online Verification Academy presents motivations, methodologies implementation and benefits of  metrics in SoC verification. 


Process metrics provide a clear, quantitative and objective measure to assess process performance and progress towards a specific process goal. SoC functional verification involves integrating multiple IP blocks. So understanding how to define, measure, correlate, and analyze appropriate IP and system-level metrics is fundamental to improving performance and achieving quality goals. Yet, many of today’s SoC project members’ understanding of metrics is often limited to simple coverage measurements. In this module, we take a broader view of metrics—beyond traditional coverage measurements—and identify a range of metrics across multiple aspects of today’s SoC functional verification process. We then discuss other important considerations when integrating metrics into a project flow, such as metric categorization, run-time control, data management, and reporting and analysis.


Metrics in SoC Verification – this module is part of the Verification Academy.


The presentation is available in pdf or video media that can be down load for watching or listening when offline.

Content is of general interest, particularly to managers, but also engineers.