Layout & Routing

PCB Layout & Routing

Collaborative placement and routing of highly complex printed circuit boards


PCB Layout

Collaborative placement and routing of highly complex printed circuit boards

A true enterprise solution, Xpedition® delivers second-to-none layout capabilities, coupled with collaboration features that simplify and speed the PCB design process. It's particularly effective for large companies with multiple, dispersed teams, and complex organizational structures.


Xpedition’s layout products give you these capabilities and more:


Concurrent design with multiple designers and sites
ECAD/MCAD collaboration
Topology planning & routing
RF/analog/digital co-design
Advanced fabrication and assembly




PCB Layout

A single, constraint-driven environment for interactive and automatic layout. More >>

Concurrent Team Design

Accelerate layout with dynamic, real-time multi-user layout and constraint entry. More >>

Constraint Management

Convey design intent through electrical and physical constraints in a common environment. More >>


RF Design

Engineer RF, analog and digital circuits directly on the same PCB, with true RF schematics and Agilent/AWR simulator compatibility. More >>


Topology Planning & Routing

Automated, intelligent tool helps plan and route bus-system interconnects. More >>


Advanced Fabrication & Assembly

Layout environment supports new, complex manufacturing elements within the core design flow, with technologies for: rigid/flex, high-density interconnect (HDI/microvias), embedded passives/actives, and chip-on-board. More >>