Methodologies for Functional Verification

Verification Methodologies form the backbone of a solid verification strategy. Mentor Graphics is actively driving advanced methodologies and their standardization across the industry.


Assertion Based Verification
Assertion-based verification (ABV) is a methodology in which designers use assertions to capture specific design intent and, either through simulation, formal verification, or emulation of these assertions, verify that the design correctly implements that intent. Learn more ►

Open Verification Methodology
The OVM is the first truly open, interoperable, and proven verification methodology based on the SystemVerilog IEEE 1800 language and delivers an open and unified class library and methodology for interoperable verification IP (VIP). Learn more ►

Processor-Driven Verification
Current techniques of applying test vectors from an HDL testbench only begin to mimic processor bus behavior. The introduction of processor-driven test benches into the existing verification methodology enables real-world verification and extensive reuse of testbench software throughout the project. Learn more ►