Go Beyond PADS Logic with DxDesigner

Go Beyond PADS Logic with DxDesigner

DxDesigner can reduce your time to completion, increase your design’s overall quality, and easily migrate your PADS Logic libraries and PCB designs to DxDesigner.


PADS Logic is an easy-to-use schematic entry tool used by designers around the world. However, if you need the capability to do more than just draw a schematic, you need a tool that enables complete PCB design creation.


With a powerful schematic design environment like DxDesigner, you can:

  • Reduce product cost and improve performance by ensuring proper component selection
  • Reduce time to market and increase quality through efficient design reuse

  • Set connectivity for high pin-count devices like FPGAs and connectors in an easy-to-use table
  • Improve personal productivity and design performance through tight integration with simulation, analysis and layout.

  • Reduce costs and library management overhead by tying your CAD library to your company's MRP/ERP systems
  • Avoid costly rework and shorten time-to-market through effective definition and variant management.

View this On-demand Web Seminar to find out why now is a great time to take a fresh look at DxDesigner.

What You Will Learn during the Web Seminar:

  • How to migrate your PADS Logic libraries and designs to DxDesigner
  • How the powerful and easy-to-use features in DxDesigner help you meet business objectives

  • How DxDesigner can increase your productivity throughout the design flow

What's included within the Virtual Lab:

  • Immediate, hands-on access to all DxDesigner features
  • Data files and guides that will show you the power of DxDesigner

Advantages of a virtual lab:

  • Fully operational software, hosted in Mentor Graphics virtual lab environment
  • Immediate access from any current PC web browser
  • Test at work, home or while traveling
  • No IT department approval required
  • No special equipment
  • Review key features of DxDesigner at your own pace