Eldo RF

Eldo RF

Transistor-level simulator for RF IC designs


The analysis and measurement capabilities of Eldo RF help designers verify complex RF IC designs more quickly and accurately. From simple compression or intermodulation analysis to complex digital modulation, Eldo RF powerful algorithms make genuine verification a reality.

High-Performance RF IC Verification
For the Most Challenging Telecom and Wireless Designs Facing the explosive growth of mobile communication and wireless products, RF IC designers are given the daunting task of analyzing and fully verifying the most critical part — the RF section. Time-to-market pressures and steadily increasing levels of integration and complexity call for new high performance and high capacity RF IC verification tools.

Extending Mixed-Signal Simulation to the RF Domain
The Mentor Graphics® Eldo™ RF simulator provides the necessary performance and capacity breakthroughs for RF IC simulation, taking the baton where existing tools reach their limits. Consistently extending the capabilities of Eldo, the Mentor Graphics best-in-class analog simulator, Eldo RF provides a set of dedicated algorithms to accurately and efficiently handle the multi-GHz signals in modern wireless communication applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Full-chip RF IC verification for wireless applications
  • Seamless integration into Mentor Graphics and other leading IC design flows

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