24 February 2020

5G will be in everything—do you have the right tools for RF PCB design?

5G wireless technology will change our lives in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Everything around us is being connected, creating new ways of communicating, being transported, and helping us make faster, more educated decisions. As a result, electronic devices with 5G wireless technology will exponentially emerge, which means we will need new design techniques and tools to help with wireless design automation.


Depending on the device you’re creating and communication protocol being used, the carrier frequency could range from 6 GHz up to 80 GHz. This means new board materials and stack-up methods will be required, placement of components will be more critical, special routing techniques will be used, via design and stitching will be required, and integration with RF simulation tools will require creating designs faster and with fewer errors.


In this webinar we will provide tool requirements and design techniques that will help you on your path to designing your next-generation wireless product.


What You Will Learn

  • RF design practices for first-pass success
  • Tools required to make the design process less painful
  • Today's layout techniques for 5G wireless


Who Should Attend

  • PCB designers
  • Electrical engineers
  • CAD managers




Live Webinar: 5G will be in everything—do you have the right tools for RF PCB design?



Tuesday the 24th of March 2020






3:00 PM - 4PM CEST