22 May 2018

Introducing FloTHERM V12.1


The new features available in FloTHERM v12.1 will be introduced and demonstrated in this presentation.


One of the largest challenges in thermal analysis is uncertainty about modeling inputs, especially those that are difficult to measure directly in insolation. In FloTHERM v12.1, multiple T3Ster measurements can be used simultaneously to calibrate the FloTHERM model along many heat flow paths. The result is a FloTHERM model with all modeling inputs confirmed to be correct. This model will produce accurate results in all situations.


To enable thermal engineers to make better design decisions, a correlation matrix is available to understand design sensitivity. At a glance, understand the impact of making proposed changes on all key results with this feature in the Command Center.


Many usability enhancements are present in this version as well with a focus on the Profiles window and supply chain workflow. Attend the web seminar to learn how to take advantage of these improvements and increase your productivity with FloTHERM.


Who Should Attend

  • Thermal Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • FloTHERM users


What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to guarantee your FloTHERM models will behave exactly like the physical device
  • Learn how to better integrate simulation and test work flows
  • Learn how to improve design decisions with a correlation matrix approach in Command Center
  • Learn about improvements to ODB++ import
  • Learn about exporting FloTHERM models to previous versions




Web Seminar: Introducing FloTHERM V12.1


Thursday May 31, 2018






12:00 PM CEST