20 September 2023


What's New in PADS Professional Premium VX.2.14




PADS Professional continues to add unique capabilities to increase the engineer’s and PCB designer’s productivity.  Major areas of improvement in PADS Professional VX.2.14 include the expansion of the PADS Professional ecosystem and core improvements to PADS Professional Layout.


What you will Learn:


  • New capabilities in the ecosystem cloud-apps
    • Check-in and markup improvements in Connect for PADS Professional
    • Connect Teams integration
    • PartQuest integration with Supplyframe
  • PADS Designer renumber reference designators
  • Create and replace Physical REuse Sources and Instances
  • Allow mirroring of Physical Reuse Circuits containing special cells
  • Improved moving of tuning patterns and enhanced gloss
  • Plane Shape Priorities in Reusable Circuits
  • MCAD Collaborator - Recognize additional changes for proposals.

Who Should Attend:

  • PADS Professional users

Products Covered:

  • PADS Professional





Customer Technical Webcast: What's New in PADS Professional Premium VX.2.14



Wednesday September 20, 2023




18:00 hr CEST