26 October 2021

What's new in Valor NPI Version 11.4


Join us to discover new and improved features and functionality in the latest release - Valor NPI 11.4. 


This webcast showcases new additions to the Analysis Definition Manager, Xpedition and Cadence workflows, integration with Xcelerator Share, and more. We’ll also review the brand-new ERF Conversion Wizard.


We invite you to stay up-to-date with the most recent additions to our software with the explanations and demonstrations in this webcast.  After the presentation, you’ll have a chance for a live Q&A with the Valor NPI Global Support team. 


We’re excited, are you?


What You Will Learn:

  • New and enhanced Constraints
  • New Constraint filters
  • Manage PCBflow Classification Sets from ADM
  • All-New ERF Conversion Wizard
  • Xpedition flow – improved EDM support
  • Cadence flow – new support for design features
  • New connection to Xcelerator Share platform
  • New analysis report column
  • New MRA clear layers function

Who Should Attend:

  • All Valor NPI users - Designers, DFM and DFA specialists.  Both new and experienced customers should attend this webcast to integrate new skills and information.


Product Covered:

  • Valor NPI




What's new in Valor NPI 11.4


Tuesday the 26th of October 2021




18:00 hr CEST