27 October 2021

Expert Series: What's new in Xpedition EDM VX.2.10


In this Expert Series webcast, you will learn about a portion of the infrastructure, design, library, and collaboration processes that have been incorporated into EDM VX.2.10. Infrastructure improvements include the ability for administrators to automatically update the EDM Design Cockpit client applications based on server updates. The design process becomes more efficient with local board synchronization, JSON meta-data access, and enhanced output file generation. The library process provides a simplified UI enabling better decisions during change management. And lastly, for the collaboration environment; we will see how graphical variant viewing and data view validation can optimize your design checking processes.


What You Will Learn:

A general understanding of the latest data management improvements for VX.2.10 EDM and how they can optimize your process.

Who Should Attend:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Librarians
  • Administrators
  • PCB Designers

Products Covered:

  • EDM Server
  • EDM Design Cockpit
  • EDM Librarian
  • EDM Collaborate



Customer Only Live webinar: What's new in Xpedition EDM VX.2.10


Wednesday the 27th of October 2021




6:00 PM CEST