03 June 2020

Xpedition PCB – Efficient Working with ODB++ manufacturing outputs


Tis webinahr will highlight the benefits of using ODB++ manufacturing data. It compares the content and functionality of the ODB++ files to traditional Gerber, NCDrill and netlist files and gives examples of how a company’s IP can still be protected when using ODB++ files.


The webinar will give examples of how intelligent EDA data can be included in the ODB++ file to aid with manufacturing risk assessment checks in Valor NPI and other 3rd party tools used in PCB fabrication and assembly processes. It will also explore how the ‘Left-Shift’ running of DFM checks during the PCB process using the new Xpedition DFM Addin can give PCB designers access to the results for DFM checks in the Hazards Explorer.


The presenter is Jackie Davidson. Jackie completed an apprenticeship in Electro-mechanical engineering before working as a board designer for Gould Instruments and Hewlett Packard.


Who Should Attend

  • Those already using ODB++ and who want to be able to use it more efficiently
  • Users currently using Gerber but are interested in what ODB++ has to offer




Customer Support Webcast: Xpedition PCB: Efficient Working with ODB++ Manufacturing Outputs



Wednesday 10th of June 2020






6:00PM - 7:00PM CEST