07 September 2018

FloTHERM® TJ Award

For Excellence in Electronics Thermal Design


FloTHERM has been the market leading CFD simulation tool in electronics cooling for almost 30 years. We have users who have been using FloTHERM since Version 1.0, and some who have just discovered it. Our FloTHERM portfolio now includes a wide range of products, such as FloTHERM XT, FloTHERM PCB or FloTHERM PACK.



Now in its second year, the FloTHERM ΔTJ award, aims to recognize our users, old and new, across the whole range of products. Do you have a project that show an innovative application of FloTHERM to an electronics cooling solution?

We would love to see how you have been using the FloTHERM product line and give recognition to those using it to a remarkable standard and in innovative ways.



  • The work must be original
  • In the public domain during the 12 months prior to the nomination deadline
  • Work demonstrates clear application of FloTHERM products to a design problem
  • Workflow and/or ROI improvement is quantifiable
  • Entrants must have permission from their organization to apply
  • Entries must be submitted in full and include all supporting material



More information and Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.