13 March 2018

Release FloMASTER V9.0

We are pleased to announce that FloMASTER V9.0 is available for download from Support Center.


FloMASTER V9 introduces several new capabilities, these include.



  • CAD2FM introduces a new work flow that can improve the productivity of building FloMASTER sub system from Mechanical CAD by upto 80 % compared with a manual measure, add, enter data approach. CAD2FM uses FloEFD to identify the fluid volume and it’s center line and then converts this to FloMASTER elements. This can then be imported to a FloMASTER sub system with all connectivity and geometry set for addition to a network
  • Please note that CAD2FM export requires FloEFD 17.2, this will be released shortly


Air Conditioning

  • FloMASTER V9.0 sees the addition of new and important functionality to our Enthalpy solver, this is in the form of AC systems. This builds upon the work done for Waste Heat Recovery systems and will enable AC systems to be created that cover a wide range of use cases from traditional automotive and building services systems through to, but not limited to complex multiple loop, multi component systems for advanced EV cooling solutions and aerospace applications. When the new components are used in conjunction with the existing Vapor Cycle components developed for Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery Systems a full range of thermodynamic cycles can be modelled



User Experience

  • In FloMASTER V9 the focus on user experience has continued with a new viewer for the results of a Gas Turbine cavity and the new Dashboard allowing multiple plots to be viewed within the same window.


For a full rundown of the new functionality please read the release highlights.


For more information please call us or send us an email info@innofour.com