26 February 2018

Release PADS® VX.2.3

PADS VX.2.3 has released and is now available for download on SupportCenter. This release introduces the Rigid-Flex option to PADS Professional, and adds MCAD Collaboration to the core product for PADS Standard, Standard Plus, and Professional.


New in this release

PADS Standard/Standard Plus:

  • Dynamic Copper Pour
  • PADS MCAD Collaborator added to core product (PN 248262, PADS MCAD Collaborator option, is now obsolete)
  • Enable legacy options with Standard and Standard Plus
    • PADS AutoRouter HSD
    • Adv Packaging Toolkit
    • Chip on Board Toolkit
  • Central Library
    • Remove redundant partitions (enables easier library migrations)
  • Multiple vias in Integrated Flow
  • 3D improvements
  • CAT Themes
    • Customer satisfaction: 60+ SR’s
    • Verification improvements

More details can be found in the release notes 


PADS Professional:

  • Rigid-Flex option
  • Floating licenses now available for all Options
  • PADS Professional MCAD Collaborator to core product (PADS Pro Advanced 3D option is now obsolete)

and much more. Full details can be found in the release notes.


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