12 November 2020

What’s New in PADS® VX.2.8

PADS Professional VX.2.8 focuses on enhancements to the core technology, many of which have been suggested by you through Mentor Ideas.


Note: The following is a condensed summary of the PADS release highlights. Mentor customers should refer to the Release Highlights on Support Center for detailed information regarding all new features and enhancements.


Design Reuse Enhancements

Layout design reuse has been enhanced to now include publishing of circuits within the layout environment. This gives you the ability to create circuits used multiple times in the design, protect it from editing, and provide notification and updating if the master source circuit is changed.


Differential and Sketch Routing Enhancements

Adding to the new technology used for routing and manipulating differential pairs with the highest precision. VX.2.8 further enhances routing with curved trace along with performing modifications when needed and adding an individual rule for via to via spacing. Enhancements have been added to Sketch routing providing higher completion rates when routing between 2 or more rule areas. Lastly, hover tooltips have been added providing quick access to commonly needed information.


Net Tiebars and Plane Enhancements

Schematic and Layout net shorting has been simplified in VX.2.8 with new functionality called Tiebars. DRC options for conductive shapes, often used in-place of traces for larger metal areas, has been enhanced by allowing you to choose the rule type to be checked against. Lastly, plane area priorities have been implemented to simplify the creation process.


Multi-hole - Custom Vias and Unified Teardrop Enhancements

A simplified approach to setting up and working with conventional and curved teardrops along with trace Ts has been implemented. New functionality allowing designers the flexibility to create complex via structures needed for today's tough designs. Lastly, to help designers complete complex tasks more efficiently the Selection list has been updated with filter capability.


MCAD Collaboration Enhancements

VX.2.8 continues to improve upon its industry-leading MCAD collaboration functionality. Visual updates of baseline versus updates, ownership (MCAD or Electrical) of objects has been added, and collaboration restrictions have been are now available with visual identification. When using NX, parameters necessary for accurate definition of Rigid-flex structures are now included.


Designer User Enhancements

VX.2.8 has added several user enhancement requests. To name a few; improved net routing, quick-add net names with instant editing, ability to change a property name, improved property updating for multiple selected devices, and the added ability to group circuit components from the workspace context-sensitive menu.


Library Migration Wizard

A simplified approach has been created allowing current Altium and PADS Layout users with Logic or Designer in netlist flow to migrate their library content to PADS Professional Central Library structure. Reducing the number of steps previously required and providing data verification along the way.


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