16 November 2016

Omnify is pleased to announce the availability of Omnify Empower 7.0!

Empower 7.0 represents our latest software release and offers many new enhancements and fixes. Below are some highlights of Empower 7.0, many other enhancements and fixes have been added in this release.


What's New in Empower 7.0

New User Interface and Experience

  • Updated look and feel
  • Improved navigation
  • Slide-out panels (independent scrolling)
  • Extended themes and UI options


New Attribute Options

  • Global Attributes
  • Attribute Positioning (General Page, Navigation Bars, etc.)
  • New Value Types: Checkbox, Essay
  • Extended to all objects (Service Objects, Vendors, etc.)


New Object Associations

  • Global Concept
  • Hierarchical Display
  • Where Used


Improved Searching

  • User-defined fields on Quick Find
  • Preset Search Options
  • Field Browser Search


Improved Home Page

  • Simplified navigation
  • Improved performance
  • User-defined and Administrator Quick Links


Improved Security Options

  • Password reset uses temporary passwords
  • Questionnaire option


New Object Wizard Updates

  • Single page
  • Direct field editing
  • Task Templates


New BOM Routing Features

  • Single page editing
  • Direct document assignment
  • Templates
  • Modify under Change/ECO


Silicon Expert Integration

  • Search the Silicon Expert database directly from Empower
  • Create new parts and vendor items from Silicon Expert content/data
  • View dynamic Silicon Expert content/data from vendor forms in Empower


Additional Documentation/Information


Please don't hesitate to contact us via support@innofour.com