23 October 2015

Omnify Software released Service Pack 4 of Empower 6.0

Omnify Software has released Service Pack 4 of Empower 6.0 (SP4). This Service Pack contains fixes and updates based on customer feedback. It is strongly recommended that customers upgrade to this Service Pack.
Please see below for further details.


Key Service Pack Updates


HTML Editor Improvements

The HTML Editor now performs cleanup when users paste information from applications such as Word, Excel, etc. HTML Reports will no longer be affected by the additional tags.


Negative Attribute Values

You can now assign negative values to attribute fields defined as "numeric" and no longer need to define those fields as "text" fields in the Administrator.


Show/Hide Users in Signoff Workflows

In SP4 you can define an option for how to display inactive/deleted users on Signoff Workflows. Options include: Never Display, Always Display, and Display when signoff is complete.


BOM Updates

This service pack includes various BOM updates for eliminating duplicate item numbers, fixing sorting/exporting issues as well as improving BOM item data display.


Training User Improvements

New functionality allows you to check/un-check all Training users when performing group edits. Additional options are available for handling user cleanup when users are deactivated by the Administrator.


CADKit Improvements

Improvement for part verification on PADS Logic schematics.

Click here for more info on the key features and updates or don't hesitate to contact us via support@innofour.com