18 December 2018

New Release FloEFD Version 18.0

FloEFD, FloEFD for NX, FloEFD for Solid Edge, FloEFD for Catia V5 and FloEFD for Creo Version 18.0 are now available to download from Support Center.

FloEFD Version 18.0 What's New

The following new features are available in this release:

  • Thermal Management and Electronics Cooling
    • Batteries
    • Calibration
    • Smart PCB
    • Flux Plot
    • Improved EDA Bridge
    • Fan operating point
    • Component Explorer: Edit Materials, Two Resistors, LEDs
    • Contact resistance with a unit "K/W"
  • Radiation and Lighting, Film Condensation
    • LED: Luminous Flux and Heat Generation Rate linked goals
    • Radiation: Flux measure on semi-transparant surfaces
    • Radiation: On-Orbit radiation
    • Radiation: Coating Surface
    • Radiation: Setting Radiation Temperature other than the global Environment Temperature for a specific wall
    • Solar radiation direction is visualized to account loaded time moment
    • Film motion
    • Radiation: Absorption/emission in gases
    • Thermal NO formation
  • Productivity
    • Cut Plot: Plot normal to curve
    • Surface Parameters: Evaluate in sections, link to cut plot
    • Flow Trajectories: Start form simple shapes (line, rectangular) rather than geometry reference
    • Comparing different models in FloEFDView
    • Scene template
    • Scene in Batch Results Processing
    • Apply to all selected project in Batch Results Processing
    • Pin dialog while creating a condition
    • Custom Visualization Parameters: Add logical expressions
    • Improved geometry variation in Parametric Study
    • Parameters
    • API improvement (create project from template, create face based (color or name) conditions)
    • Template name for boundry conditions
    • Feature Goals
    • Improved geometry handling default state
    • Offset option in XY Plots
    • Display computational domain size
    • OneSim
    • Embedded HEEDS


The complete FloEFD Release Highlights can be found here.


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