19 September 2022

DownStream has released a new build of CAM350 14.6 and BluePrint 6.6. Anyone who was eligible for these releases can access the new builds.


Release Summary CAM350
CAM350 14.6 is a major update. New product features are detailed at the release notes. This release includes a new Visual Basic Application Programmering Interface with Record and Playback capabilities, new DFM Analysis checks for Rigid-Flex designs and enhanced support for Rigid-Flex Layer Types, Net Bridge support, IPC2581 Revision C support, and OpenGL Graphics Acceleration. 


Release Summary BluePrint
BluePrint 6.6 is a major update. It includes support for OpenGL hardware acceleration, panel data translation to CAM350, net Bridge support and expanded Rigid-Flex Layer type support.

The release notes can be found here:


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