05 December 2011

Release of service pack 3 of Omnify Empower 5.0


Service Pack 3 of Omnify Empower 5.0 is now available. It is strongly recommended that existing Empower 5.0 customers install this Service Pack.


Existing 5.0 customers should contact their qualified Omnify Application Engineer before installing this Service Pack to ensure any customizations and changes are applied after installation of this Service Pack. Customers will need to uninstall their existing 5.0 installation prior to installing this Service Pack.


Download Service Pack 3


Service Pack 3 Features and Updates:

  • Improved Reporting: With Service Pack 3 you will see improved performance when loading Inbox reports and logging into the system. Where Used reports now include pending BOM changes under Change/ECO.
  • BOM Data Updates: Updates have been made to enhance the availablity of information associated with BOMs. Users can now choose between expanded and compressed reference designator lists when viewing BOMs, include substitute items on BOM exports, and enable rules that will force numeric/decimal values on BOM quantity fields. The BOM Importer has also been updated to support additional formats and options.
  • Vendor Data Import: You can now import general information about vendors using the Data Importer.
  • Multiple LDAP Domains: LDAP login can be enabled across multiple domains.
  • Various Additional Updates, Fixes, and Enhancements: Service Pack 3 provides various fixes and enhancements from SP2 (5.0 Release). Many support cases were closed with this release.

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