28 March 2019

We are pleased to announce that FloEFD, FloEFD for CATIA V5, FloEFD for Creo, FloEFD for NX and FloEFD for Solid Edge version 2019.1 are now available to download from SupportCenter!


Release Highlights

  • Fan derating. Fans are often set to run below their maximum capacity, to reduce noise and increase their lifetime, but still achieve thermal cooling requirements. Fans are run at less than maximum capacity by reducing the RPM that they operate at. This has the effect of derating (reducing) the fan curve and is simulated using the Derating factor.
  • Logical Expressions in Formula Dependency. Boundary conditions can be dependent on coordinates, time and monitor parameters such as goals. It is now possible to define sophisticated dependencies using conditional and Boolean expressions such as IF, AND, OR, XOR, NOT, > (more than), < (less than), = (equal two). For example, you can easily set a value of a heat source dependent on two different temperature sensors (defined as temperature goals) so that the dissipated power is downgraded depending on the temperature at either one or another sensor.
  • Altitude. The atmospheric pressure and temperature can be defined by setting the Altitude. Using the Altitude it is now much easier to conduct what-if or optimization analysis.
  • Additional Rays for Radiation Sources. You can now add additional rays launched from a radiation source (for Monte Carlo radiation only). This allows for better resolution of radiation or light locally without significant increasing the total number of rays and therefore saving the calculation time. In addition, radiation freezing can be enabled automatically.
  • Network Assembly. Node power can now be dependent on Temperature.


Via SupportCenter you can check all the Simcenter FloEFD Release Notes.


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