31 January 2022

Release Simcenter FLOEFD Version 2022.1


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Simcenter FLOEFD, FLOEFD for CATIA V5, FLOEFD for Creo, FLOEFD for NX, Simcenter FLOEFD SC and FLOEFD for Solid Edge version 2022.1 are available to download from Support Center.


New Features

The following new features are available in this release:

  • 1D Element
    1D Element allows you to simulate a pipe with a 1D solver within 3D CFD analysis. You can convert a pipe into a chain of 1D Elements and solve their fluid and thermal interactions using 1D CFD embedded in 3D CFD Simcenter FLOEFD. This increases simulation speed and reduce mesh requirements.
  • Smart PCB homogenization
    An innovative FE model for PCB thermal-mechanical simulation with maximum productivity.
  • Via filler material
    Smart PCB allows you to define different via filler materials for groups of vias.
  • A new SmartPCB tutorial is included in 2022.1
    You can learn how to set up electro-thermal-mechanical simulation of a PCB, how to co-simulate with HyperLynx and compare results.
  • New Solar radiation model with turbidity
    A new solar radiation model can be used to account for the haze effect of the atmosphere on the intensity of incoming solar radiation.
  • New CAD versions support
    Support of NX 2007, Creo 8, CATIA V5 R31.
  • A new module: Electrical Vehicle (MG287203FL)
    The new Simcenter FLOEFD EV module comprises various capabilities crucial for comprehensive multiphysics (thermal-electrical-electromagnetics-structural) analysis of e-Powertrain and its components such as ECU, battery, inverters, busbars, DC Links, power modules and their components such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, as well as PCB

For a detailed list of new features, refer to Installation Instructions manual, available in the installed software tree or on Support Center

Contact us if you want to know more about this release.