18 December 2023

What's new in the Polarion Connector for Simulink®

by Adrian Whitfield



We are pleased to announce the new release of the Polarion Connector for Simulink® (Version 3.3.0) providing you exciting new features, improved functionality and squashing pesky bugs! We believe the Polarion Connector for Simulink® connector offers the very best level of integration to the Mathworks® Simulink® family and are thrilled to now offer the following in this new release.



  • Import Polarion Collections: Ability to import a set of documents inside a collection including baselines and revisions.
  • Zoom In/Out: The embedded Polarion view inside Simulink can now be zoomed in and out offering you more efficient screen real-estate.
  • Show Context Diagrams: During backlink processing, we now offer the ability to create a context diagram within the surrogate, which shows the diagram the Simulink model element is part of.


Further Improvements

  • More Granular mapping between Simulink link types and Polarion link roles as well as Simulink element types and Polarion work-item types.
  • Support for Model References or Referenced Models
  • Support for Simulink data-dictionary Objects
  • Support for Simulink Requirement Objects
  • Initial support for System Composer Sequence Diagram Traceability
  • Initial support for Simulink Requirements Justifications objects

More and detailed information can be found here.


The Polarion Connector for Simulink 3.3.0 is available now for free from the Polarion extensions portal.