Simcenter Flotherm products

Simcenter Flotherm Flexx

The best of both worlds - Flexx licensing allows companies to use Flotherm and Flotherm XT to solve electronics cooling design challenges

Flotherm Flexx

Solving different thermal design challenges requires the right tool. Perform thermal analysis using the most appropriate award-winning solution for the task at hand when you need it. 

Simcenter Flotherm

The de-facto standard and specialized solution for the electronics thermal market offers innovative SmartPart technology, extensive libraries, state-of-the art compact thermal modelling techniques and parametric analysis and optimization functionality.

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Simcenter Flotherm XT

A CAD-centric approach to thermal engineering through CAD connectivity and advanced CAD modelling capabilities. It can be used during all stages of the electronics design process – from concept design including advanced to advanced EDA interfacing technologies with best-in-class interoperability with Xpedition® Enterprise to manufacturing.

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