Optimize FPGA/PCBI /OS

FPGA/PCB Co-Design

Xpedition I/O optimization technology provides an extensive set of functionality to ease the FPGA-on-board integration process.

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  • Bridges the domains of HDL based FPGA design and PCB design for automated, fast and error free bidirectional data exchange
  • Fully integrated, easy to use FPGA on board I/O optimization reduces layer count, cost and design time
  • Correct-by-construction FPGA vendor rule-driven I/O assignment minimizes re-spins

Optimize FPGA I/O for PCB Placement & Routing

Xpedition FPGA I/O Optimizer provides correct-by-construction FPGA I/O assignment, allowing pin swapping and layout-based I/O optimization within the PCB design process.

  • Fully optimized for Concurrent Design; enables FPGA/PCB co-design processes.
  • Fast, easy end error free PCB part & symbol creation; quickly convert an FPGA design into a PCB schematic that is ready for layout.
  • Improve I/O Accuracy; reduce board layers, shorten traces, reduce vias.

FPGA I/O optimization

Bridge the FPGA and PCB design domains for automated, fast and error-free bidirectional data exchange that reduces PCB layer count, product cost and design time.

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Using FPGA I/O optimization to design PCBs more cost effectively

The power, flexibility and immediate availability of FPGA devices has generated a tsunami of FPGA adoption for the implementation of system PCB designs. This white paper demonstrates the causal relationship between PCB Signal to FPGA pin assignment and the product’s profit margin. It also defines the opportunities to generate significant competitive advantages without significant time or cost penalties.

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