Calibre's physical verification capabilities are the industry leader for accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Physical Verification with Calibre®

Calibre nmDRC and Calibre nmLVS are the market share leaders in physical verification. Calibre also leads the market with innovative features such as incremental DRC, which ensures you can complete your design rule checking quickly and efficiently, and equation-based design rules, which let designers define continuous, three-dimensional functions that accurately and precisely reflect the complex physical interactions of today's nanometer designs

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  • Supports the open standard TCL/TK macro language for extensive tool customization
  • Accesses data within the GDSII or OASIS® database
  • Dramatically reduces time to tape-out with robust revision and iteration loop capabilities
  • Allows convenient re-verification of the full design, or only the data that has been modified
  • Efficiently automates chip finishing tasks
  • Complex Issues in Less Time

Complex Issues in Less Time

With integrations to all the major industry physical design creation tools, Calibre's Results Viewing Environment (RVE)™ reduces the time required to debug complex issues like shorts, antennas and density from days or hours to minutes. Together, these and the other benefits of Calibre ensure the fastest cycle time through physical verification to tape out, and ultimately working silicon.

Hyperscaling Technology

Hyperscaling technology brings superior scalability and lightening fast run times for computationally intense applications. Hyperscaling offers advanced data processing options that provide the fastest single server and multi-server performance to verify blocks in seconds and full chips in hours. Hyperscaling extends the useful life of existing shared memory processor systems, and fully utilizes single and dual-core processor distributed rack systems. Hyperscaling improves productivity regardless of your technology node.

Foundry Sign-Off Standard

In nanometer technology, physical verification has become a sophisticated, multi-stage process that demands highly integrated approaches to the processing and handling of huge amounts of complex design data. Calibre's adoption as the sign-off standard at all of the top foundries ensures accurate results for first time success tape-outs.