Calibre nmLVS

Calibre® nmLVS, the market-leading layout vs. schematic physical verification tool, is tightly linked with both Calibre nmDRC and Calibre xRC™ to deliver production-proven device extraction for both physical verification and parasitic extraction. Calibre nmLVS performs a vital function as a member of a complete IC verification tool suite by providing device and connectivity comparisons between the IC layout and the schematic. Calibre's hierarchical processing engine runs Calibre nmLVS, supplying data for modifying the IC design to achieve superior functionality and reliability.

  • Market Leadership
  • Best-in-Class Accuracy
  • Fast Runtime
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Design Debugging and Ease-of-Use

Accurate Circuit Verification

Calibre nmLVS enables accurate circuit verification because it is able to measure actual device geometries on a full-chip for a complete accounting of physical parameters. These precise device parameters supply the information for back-annotation to the source schematic and the comprehensive data for running simulations. In addition to working with Calibre xRC, Calibre nmLVS can also be used with third party parasitic extraction tools

Automate Advanced, Customer-Specific ERCs

Calibre nmLVS can now be enhanced with Calibre PERC (Programmable Electrical Rule Checker). With Calibre PERC, you can automate advanced, customer-specific ERCs to eliminate lengthy and error-prone manual checking. PERC recognizes grouped devices that are connected as you describe and measures geometrical data associated with the circuit topology.

Market Leadership

Calibre nmLVS continues to lead the market. Preferred by engineers and management for its proven performance, capacity, reliability and debug ease-of-use.

Design Debugging and Ease-of-Use

Calibre nmLVS provides an intuitive and easy-to-use inte­grated design verification debug­ging environment to help you find and fix design issues. Calibre® nmLVS is two to three times faster than traditional layout vs. schematic processes.


Calibre nmLVS is ideally suited for processing any size job requiring intricate device parameter extraction, whether it’s an analog/RF design or a multi­million gate IC.

Best-in-Class Accuracy

De­vice recognition accuracy is cru­cial for tape-out success. Calibre nmLVS delivers the trusted device recognition accuracy and timely execution required for world-class silicon delivery.


With thousands of users, Calibre nmLVS sets the standard for reliability and pre­dictability in all operations.

Fast Runtime

Automated proprietary hierarchical and logic injection technologies provide virtually unlimited design scope with fast runtimes. Multi-threaded and distributed CPU processing capabilities ensure future proof scaling on your hardware.


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