Enabling the Electrical Model Based Enterprise


Capital is a comprehensive software suite that enables the engineering of electrical systems for large platforms such as cars, aircraft, and sophisticated machines. These platforms have substantial and increasing electronic content, which are dependent upon complex electrical distribution systems to function. Trends such as powertrain electrification and increased vehicle autonomy intensify these challenges leading companies to utilize Capital to overcome them.

Capital Brochure
  • Reduced design cost and cycle time
  • Improved system and design quality
  • Reduction in overall system cost and weight
  • Lower harness manufacturing costs and turnaround time
  • Improved brand image with lower in service troubleshooting costs
  • Automated job functions, freeing staff to innovate

About Capital

Capital delivers advanced automation across a flow extending from electrical/electronic architecture definition, through detailed electrical design and wire harness manufacturing, to documentation & diagnostics. It includes powerful functionality for the electrical domain including functional verification, manufacturing process generation, and configuration & design change management.

Capital Formboard Manager

To optimize production lines, wire harness manufacturers sometimes build different but very similar harnesses on the same “merged” formboard, a method allowing for efficient use of both factory space and production line resources.

This paper first explains the existing challenges with this production line optimization method, then it describes and how the Capital tool suite supports engineering teams in overcoming these challenges to more quickly reach the zone of manufacturing profitability.

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