Xpedition Enterprise

Design Data Integrity

Xpedition EDM is a single, integrated solution for component creation, as well as a library and design data management. Optimize collaboration across large, distributed engineering teams, and ensure reuse of core IP data, from component libraries to hierarchical design blocks.


Xpedition engineering data management facilitates the creation and management of engineering components, lilbrary, and design data to ensure quality, integrity, and security at all stages of product development.

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  • Granular data security, versioning, and traceability
  • Manages all design activity and supports individual and team-based design
  • Analysis management capabilities to associate simulation results to related design versions
  • Controls and mechanisms are provided to ensure process consistency
  • Design review and approval
  • Baseline creation, release, ECO, and data exchange with enterprise systems

Managed Design Reuse

Facilitate design reuse through enterprise-wide data management of reusable circuit blocks from both the library and design perspectives.

Model Driven Part Creation

Use a single control center for library part development that allows for the import and export of parts data. Built-in consistency checking ensures the part model is complete and accurate.

Library Management

Seamlessly integrate multiple disciplines with enterprise-level library management. Streamline component information management, including part selection. 

Design Data Management

Leverage an integrated PCB design data management infrastructure, from initial system definition through the design process, to release, to manufacturing.

PLM Integration

Seamlessly integrate between engineering and PLM and ERP systems to provide full lifecycle management of your designs and libraries.

Design Review

Facilitate review and approval processes with web-based access to a common database, increasing collaboration with the wider team and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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