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Design Verification

Xpedition's shift-left design methodology integrates design verification tools throughout the system design process to let designers find and fix errors where they happen, instead of waiting until later. This is accomplished using automated verification tools that are part of the design process.


Xpedition performs verification during design to ensure zero-spin products while optimizing designs for performance and manufacturability, increasing product quality, and reducing design errors and rework for a more efficient, speedier flow.

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  • Provides efficient, early detection of failures, minimizing re-spins
  • Reduces cost of components & overall system
  • Reduces time & money spent on manual reviews & physical testing
  • Empowers a lean organization
  • Enables validation by non-specialists through integration, ease-of-use
  • Enables specialists to focus on critical issues

Schematic Analysis

Xpedition schematic analysis fully inspects all nets on a schematic using an extensive, intelligent model component library and supports performing schematic analysis in parallel with design capture.

Signal Integrity Analysis

Explore signal integrity issues early in the design cycle to make key design decisions when options are easier to compare and implement, and it offers post-route verification for design sign-off before fabrication.

Power Integrity Analysis

HyperLynx power integrity analysis accurately models power distribution networks and noise propagation mechanisms during the pre- and post-layout phases of the PCB design process.

Thermal Analysis

Utilize 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to predict airflow and heat transfer in and around ICs, packages, boards, and electronic systems.

Electrical Rule Checks 

HyperLynx electrical rule checking rapidly indentifies design violations that lead to signal integrity, power integrity, and EMI/EMC issues, eliminating manual inspection and PCB cycle bottlenecks.

Manufacturability Analysis

Run a set of automated checks to validate a design against fabricator and assembler capabilities, and it can execute concurrent DFM checks through to release-to-manufacturing.

Analog Mixed-Signal Analysis

Xpedition AMS expands standard SPICE-based circuits analysis to leverage industry advances in PCB modeling and simulation, accelerating circuit development and speeding verification.

Vibration & Stress Analysis

Xpedition vibration and stress analysis enables early detection of PCB design vulnerabilities caused by vibration and acceleration in physical use, reducing costs and shortening cycle times.

Test Analysis

Valor test analysis performs on-going test point management that monitors testability considerations and calculates test point requirements and testabbility coverage.

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