Xpedition Enterprise

Process Automation

Optimize engineering productivity and avoid work-arounds using tools designed to handle advanced PCB manufacturing and performance technologies.

Automation and abstraction applied to layout, with high-speed-aware constraints dramatically accelerate design. Deploy the tools you need today, knowing the tools will grow with you as your needs increase.

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  • Simplify complex routing by creating route channels with route planning
  • Powerful interactive multi-net autorouting
  • Create semi-trunk routes that assist with placement and pin swapping
  • Use placement hierarchy via groups to assist with complex pcb design
  • True parametric 3D allowing 3D constraints, dynamic collision detection, and batch verification
  • First-pass success in flex-aware 2D/3D design environment

Connectivity Planning & Routing

Sketch technology combines automatic routing power with user control during interactive editing operations, producing high-quality results with exceptional performance.

Component Planning & Placement

Quickly visualize and implement the engineer's design intent to produce an optimal component placement. Hierarchically optimize placement in the context of connectivity patterns.

Flow Scalability

Add technology to address product, organizational and process complexity challenges as your needs increase over time.

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